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Come on baby, bleed me dry

Yeah, that one girl
12 October 1987
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I tried to forget
But you grew roots around my ribcage
And sprouted flowers
Just below my collarbones.
All day I pluck their petals
But I have not yet ascertained
Whether you love me
Or not

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I smoke too much and drink too often.

I often laugh at inappropriate times, and cry when I'm happy.

I'm utterly addicted to raspberry softlips and pink lemonade Zipfizz.

I have absolutely no patience for anyone who tries to push their personal beliefs and/or doctrines down my throat.

I have never been the carefullest of girls, and am sometimes known for my clumsy movements, social awkwardness, and overuse of hand gestures while speaking.

And sometimes nothing I say makes any sense at all. ♥